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Got dogpiled on birth of the federation, first ferengi declare war on, then the cardassions and romulans, federation make peace with me for 50 turns then backstab me

If i follow you or you follow me, feel free to add me on Discord RaithSphere#2701

I think I'm going to pull down given it didn't go anywhere

So the fun begin's upgrading Saturn to 18.04 now, Jupiter and Neptune are still on 16.04 for now, Pluto will remain down for now due to the fact i need to reinstall the OS

last post for a little while i finally go do things around the house, Here is a few more pictures for you all to enjoy

@slimepunk Love the icon btw, also you happen to have the same name as my real name heh

Yeah i am doing one

Heya! I'm @raithsphere!

I'm a Furry who is into gaming and programming!

I mostly program PHP, HTML and Python, sometimes dabbling in other things, I am also a server administrator of a couple of things including discord bots and random scripts, I also program LSL in Second Life from time to time

Oh i am also a major nerd and linux user :D

Any other questions? Lemme know. :3

Well that's my first domain block and first account blocked, well two but its the same person

First world problem, my system boots that fast on an SSD with Arch Linux a bootscreen is totally irrilviant lol

Back to xfce4 again, trinity caused me a few issues and it's network manager it's segfaulting on startup, not too worry....

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