Just an FYI to people who follow me please follow @RaithSphere i will me more active over there

Double following everyone due to alt account at pounced.me

We have now got the mutant emoji set, I need the credit that on the front page once I'm at a computer

So i now have account over at pounced.me - i finally decided on the domain to use for my other instance lol, i was poking thru domain's i had that expired and found that

@Siphonay Well mac's are known for having really nice screen's thanks to Retina, i would love a mac based monitor without the mac lol

Well I did it if you want to follow my AD drop me a DM

So I decided to just setup the other instance again, it's not doing anything but it's flappy.space

omg its sooo nice this morning.... my son is back in school the house is quiet

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