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Yeah i am doing one

Heya! I'm @raithsphere!

I'm a Furry who is into gaming and programming!

I mostly program PHP, HTML and Python, sometimes dabbling in other things, I am also a server administrator of a couple of things including discord bots and random scripts, I also program LSL in Second Life from time to time

Oh i am also a major nerd and linux user :D

Any other questions? Lemme know. :3

Just an FYI to people who follow me please follow @RaithSphere i will me more active over there

Double following everyone due to alt account at

We have now got the mutant emoji set, I need the credit that on the front page once I'm at a computer

So i now have account over at - i finally decided on the domain to use for my other instance lol, i was poking thru domain's i had that expired and found that

Well I did it if you want to follow my AD drop me a DM

So I decided to just setup the other instance again, it's not doing anything but it's

omg its sooo nice this morning.... my son is back in school the house is quiet

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This is my own personal instance of Mastodon for me and a few friends, setup just so i can use for something more than just a little hosting area for random crap

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